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Competency Mapping is a process of identifying key skills, knowledge and abilities for an organization and/or a job and incorporating those competencies throughout the various practices like job evaluation, training, recruitment etc., of the organization.

The steps involved in competency mapping with the end result of job evaluation, are executed by our experienced consultants who can help your organization based on your industry and regional requirements.


CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Surveys are sought after by most ambitious companies tomeasure customer satisfaction levels primarily by asking for feedback in the form of either phone calls or digital questionnaires. CSATs are extremely vital to identify unhappy customers and also ask for potential referrals. We have the expertise to organize CSATs to feel the ‘pulse’ of your valued clients.


Salary surveys are conducted with numerous employers to determine pay levels and benefits for specific job categories and are generally carried out either by region, sector or job classification solely for comparison. In conjunction with other tools, salary surveys can provide useful information to attract, support and retain employees within the context of an overall HR and organizational plan.  With our expertise, we can organize this for your organization.


To add value to the human capital of an organization we recruit candidates who are both academically qualified and have the desired skills matching the competency as demanded by the job. We ensure that our clients are given premium value for having chosen us as their preferred working partner of choice.


Employee motivation is vital to business success; a highlymotivated workforce delivers superior products and services. This in turnleads to greater ‘customer delight’ rather than just satisfaction and of course, increased revenue.

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Overseas manpower recruitment plays a crucial role in addressing skill shortages, promoting economic growth, and fostering cultural diversity. While it presents challenges, organizations that effectively manage the recruitment process and provide support to overseas employees can benefit from the expertise, knowledge, and perspectives they bring.


Executive recruitment plays a vital role in identifying and attracting top-level executives who can drive organizational success. By employing a targeted and thorough approach, executive recruiters help organizations find the right leaders to navigate complex business challenges


Effective healthcare recruitment is crucial for ensuring quality patient care, meeting growing demands, and driving innovation within the industry. By identifying core competencies, utilizing targeted recruitment strategies, conducting comprehensive interviews and assessments, and ensuring cultural fit, healthcare organizations can attract and retain highly skilled and compassionate professionals.

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